Riptide Sponsor Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game

By Scott Lewis

The Vancouver Riptide are excited to join up with the Vancouver Ultimate League to sponsor this year’s Vancouver leg of the Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game, to be played at Swangard Stadium after the Riptide’s AUDL game on June 11th

Art Hawkins is a legendary figure on the Vancouver scene, so legendary that after his untimely death from cancer, a fundraiser was established in his name. It quickly spread across Canada and developed into the world’s longest continuously played Ultimate game, with each participating community playing a one-hour segment, staggered by time zone so there is at least one leg underway at all times.

By 2014, 29 communities across Canada were taking part plus the first international participant Dubai, together raising over $9000 in donations for the Art Hawkins Ultimate Fund. Art was always known for promoting the Spirit of the Game, hence the money in the fund goes to support the accessibility and development of Ultimate and Spirit of the Game in Canada among children, youth, and those with a disability, especially in economically disadvantaged communities

(On a personal note, as someone who played Ultimate with a visible disability, I always appreciated that when Art and I happened to be matched up against each other on the field, he respected me by playing as hard as he could against me. Unlike others who would take it easy against me, he understood that trying his hardest against me rather than pitying me not only made me play my best but was also the best way to give value to what I brought to the game.)

The Vancouver segment of the AHGCUG had fallen into a bit of a doldrums the last few years, so the Vancouver Ultimate League and the Vancouver Riptide are working together this year to give the event a boost. The Vancouver leg will be held at Swangard Stadium after the AUDL game on Saturday, June 14th between 9 and 10 p.m., and you can expect to see some Riptide players out on the field taking part.

That’s right!

This is your chance to not only raise funds for a great cause, but to share the field with some great players. The VUL and Riptide have put together three levels of participation, each of which include a ticket to the Riptide game just beforehand. And the VUL and the Riptide are sponsoring your Participation Packages so every penny raised goes directly to the Art Hawkins Ultimate fund.

You will need to sign up beforehand. To get more details on the Participation Packages and to sign up, go here.

There are also a number of other communities around B.C. taking part in this year’s AHGCUG.

North Vancouver
7-8 pm June 11
Brooksbank Park

Nanaimo/Victoria (held in Nanaimo):
10-11 pm June 11
Merle Logan turf field 2253 Dorman Road

Maple Ridge
8-9 pm June 11
Westview Secondary School

6-7 pm June 10
Westsyde Centennial Field

9-10 pm June 10
Townsend Park

10-11pm June 10
South surrey athletic field 10.

11-12 pm June 10

If your community is not on that list and you would like to organize another leg, you’ll have to act fast. Start by contacting Jordan Little, National AHGCUG coordinator at

You can find more background on the AHGCUG and the Art Hawkins Ultimate Fund here.

You can buy tickets for the June 11th AUDL game and for the rest of the Riptide’s upcoming home games at Swangard Stadium here.

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