Vancouver Riptide Invest in the Future


To be a strong sports franchise, a team needs to have a pipeline of young talent coming up the ranks, and it needs to ensure these young players develop to the fullest of their potential.
The Vancouver Riptide are following this model by establishing the Vancouver Riptide Athlete Development Programme. The objective is to invest in players seeking to improve themselves in aid of the goal of playing professional ultimate for the Riptide, but we hope this initiative will bear fruit not just for the Riptide, but also for the top Vancouver club teams and for Team Canada.
Under the leadership of Alex Davis, this programme allows promising athletes with the ambition of competing in the AUDL to apply for sponsored development. Successful applicants will receive up to $150, redeemable for physical assessment, customized training plans, access to guided personal training, and coached sprinting technique classes. These services will be provided by partners with professional-level certifications and national-level performances in their respective disciplines, including Mat Goodkey, Myles Sinclair, Mike Haddock, Mike Aizawa, and Yves McDavid.
If you are interested in taking part in this initiative, send your application to Brian Gisel at by January 31. Applications should detail the player’s competitive goals for 2016, as well as their training goals.

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