8 Reasons to See a Vancouver Riptide Game

1. Thrilling games in a tough West division

In arguably the closest division in the AUDL, the Riptide regularly play opponents who can match their skill level which creates heart-pounding atmospheres!


The West division is the only division in the AUDL where every team has three or more wins, and the 2014 AUDL Championship crown was worn by none other than a team from the West.

2. Fully licensed stadium stands with Steamworks Beer!

Feeling parched? Keep yourself refreshed with our collection of Steamworks Beer flavours, and enjoy them in our fully licensed stadium stands! Nothing goes better with some summer Ultimate than a fresh cold one!

3. Chances to show off your disc skills at halftime

Itching to unleash a flick huck or hammer toss? You can have the chance by participating in our half-time contests!


Showcase your skills to your friends and Riptide players alike and take home some sweet swag in the process.


4. Beautiful sunsets taking the skytrain home from Swangard!


If you don’t live close to the stadium, fret not! The SkyTrain runs in and out of the city for travellers, and offers breath-taking skyline views of downtown! (Plus, how cool is it to say, ‘I took the SkyTrain today’?!)


5. All-hair team


Whether it’s the luscious, flowing locks of Rumi Tejpar or the short, crisp look sported by Gagan Chatha, you won’t have to look far to find a stylish hairdo! (Check out Kevin Underhill’s flow… Girls love it, men wish they had it)


6. Guaranteed exciting plays each and every game!


The world of Ultimate is truly like no other. The way the disc floats in the air lends itself to eye-popping displays of athleticism and acrobatics. Whether it’s a massive layout grab or a cutter leaping multiple feet in the air, this game is sure to bring you to your feet!


7. Meeting the players that teach your children!

Our Schools Outreach Program had our players connecting with school children all across the Vancouver area and it made for some long-lasting memories on both sides! Our players regularly sign autographs and take pictures with fans after each home game, so don’t be shy, grab your favourite Riptide player for a chat and a selfie you can brag to your friends about!

8. Stunners!

We’re proud of our partnership with Stunner of the Month sunglasses, and the variety of product we offer our fans has something for everyone!


Stunnin’ ain’t dead. ‘Nuff said.


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