Riptide Scrimmage Results

This Saturday, the Vancouver Riptide faced off against the University of British Columbia’s talented squad in a friendly scrim, looking for some competition before the season opener in Salt Lake next weekend.  UBC is ramping up for College Sectionals, and was looking to bring some intensity to the game. That meant there were some interesting match ups, notably Riptide’s lanky star receiver Derek Fenton against young gun Kevin Greer.


Riptide’s Will Vu shone as a solid, talented handler, making some exciting grabs and controlling the O-line with precise throws and more touches on the disc than any other player. On the D-line, team captain Graham Landon’s speed and intensity helped Riptide convert their turnovers, leading the team in assists. Some receivers to watch are UVic alum Taylor Nadon, who led the teams in points due to his big presence in the air, and Darren Wu, whose speed earned the ‘Tide big gainers.


The weather was truly miserable and so typical of Vancouver ultimate in the spring. The players on both squads were pushing through wind and rain, but still managed to produce some exciting ultimate. The caliber of play was high, with a few exceptions. Riptide’s Matt Harvey provided comedic relief when he lost control of a pull in the slippery conditions with hilarious consequences. To quote UBC coach Marc Seraglia, “I’ve never seen anything like that!” There were kinks to be worked out on both sides, but the teams pushed each other for most of the game, contesting each throw, and some good ultimate emerged from the mess of a rainy pre-season scrim.

UBC took an early lead, but Riptide turned the game around quickly and took half 8-6. The second half was played on a larger, AUDL regulation size field, and it was much cleaner and quicker for Riptide, who pulled out a decisive victory of 15-9.


A few big names were absent on Saturday, notably fan favorite Ryan ‘Knarlee’ Lee and Australian World Games vet Tim ‘Dingo’ Lavis. Look for Ryan Lee to bring the big guns in Salt Lake next week, and add some valuable height to the O-line handlers. Tim is acting as a playing Head Coach, and will have a big presence on and off the field. These two will contribute experience and skill to Riptide’s young and intense squad.


A few brave fans huddled on the bleachers, both supporting UBC and curious to see what Riptide could produce. Einer Lim’s (Riptide’s no. 13) sister called out to her brother with some timeless advice- “don’t embarrass me”- before turning to me and saying with a grin, “The tide is rising.” And, jokes and kinks and miserable weather aside, I’d say it is: I saw plenty of heart on the field, and a team that seems to genuinely enjoy playing together. If this squad can capitalize on their chemistry, they will end up being a force to be reckoned with. I’m getting excited for the home opener April 19th at Swangard Stadium; yesterday convinced me that this wave is certainly going to be an entertaining ride. The ‘Tide is rising, and I’ll see you there on the 19th!

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